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Surplus HAZMAT Notice

In accordance with Facilities & Safety Procedure FS2013 EHS008, please note that the UCF Surplus Property Team cannot accept items that are considered Hazardous Material or pose a potential threat to the environment such as motors that contain gasoline, a/c units that contain refrigerant or used laboratory equipment. All items such as these that you would like to surplus must first be inspected by the EH&S Team PRIOR to your placing the item on the surplus property database listing. The department surplusing the property shall contact EH&S and an employee knowledgeable of the use of the equipment must be present at the time EH&S is assessing the equipment. The originating department is responsible for draining oil, removing hazardous components (batteries, switches), discharging capacitors, depressurizing, etc. unless the equipment is suitable for sale through the Surplus Property Program and needs to remain operable. If EH&S determines other hazardous materials must be removed prior to disposal, recycling, or resale the User must make arrangements for the hazardous material to be safely and properly drained, emptied or removed prior to pick up by the Surplus Property team. Arrangements may include, but are not limited, to self-removal by the department, removal by a Facilities Operations work order, and/or removal by an outside vendor or contractor. If the equipment was used to store chemicals, biological material, or radioisotopes the user shall decontaminate the equipment prior to EH&S assessment. Decontamination shall be per EHS's Laboratory Decontamination Procedures. In the event that your department has surplus hazardous material, the EH&S Team will assist with making arrangements for the proper disposal of these items. EH&S will complete a Clearance Form and attach it to the property prior to the Department contacting Surplus or placing the item on the surplus property database listing.

The Surplus Team has moved from Storeroom 0016-181 in the beginning of 2011 and no longer maintains that area. Surplus items are not to be left outside of this warehouse or at the loading docks of the main warehouse. If you require a surplus pickup please have your Property Custodian make the request in the online database or contact us at the number shown below for additional guidance. Thank you for your cooperation.

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