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Welcome to Central Stores!
"The Supply Headquarters of Facilities & Safety and Beyond"

Central Stores purchases, receives, warehouses, and issues all non-restricted, non-project related supplies, tools, materials and equipment needed by Facilities & Safety to maintain the University. We also purchase these items for many other customers across our various campuses as well. We currently spend over $2,500,000 per fiscal year using over 40,000 sq. ft. of storage space to manage over 4,000 inventory line items. Our inventory is valued at just under $500,000 and we supply a variety of non-stock items as well.

Central Stores is "invisible" to most students, faculty and staff at UCF but our work touches every aspect of their day-to-day life. We supply nearly everything that makes a building "work" including maintenance items, HVAC items, housekeeping supplies, office supplies, small electronics, fuel, and much more.

Central Stores primarily works with two types of items, stock and non stock. Stock items are represented by the half million dollars worth of parts that are available in our 40,000 square foot facility. Using a Min/Max ordering system, our buyers keep the shelves stocked using P-Cards and Purchase Orders. Occasionally, however, an item is needed that we do not stock. Our buyers take care of that for our customers as well!

Internal UCF customers with an active (and funded) budget or project number may order supplies from Central Stores. All orders for items from Central Stores are managed through the AiM CMMS system as supply orders placed through AiM are easily tracked and easily billed. Please use the link to the left to view the instructions for accessing the system!


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