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Receipt of Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials, or HAZMAT, can pose a danger to you, others, and the UCF Community as a whole. The ordering, shipping, receiving, storing, and use of Hazardous or Potentially Hazardous materials is strictly controlled at the University of Central Florida.

Central Receiving handles HAZMAT in accordance with the policies laid out by the UCF Environmental Health & Safety Division. Periodic reviews of our warehouse ensure that we are always taking care to protect our employees, faculty, students, staff, and visitors.

Please note that Central Receiving currently has the following restrictions placed on what we can and cannot accept into our warehouse. Please refer to your material's standard NFPA 704 placard to verify whether or not your shipment will be accepted:

Category EH&S Preapproval
Required at
or Above Level
Restricted Item
Will Not Be Accepted
Health (Blue) 3 4
Flammability (Red) 3 4
Reactivity (Yellow) 3 4
White (Special) OX, W, COR, ACID, POI BIO, RAD, CYL, CRYO

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