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Postal Services Current Rates
Last Updated 28-May-2019
UCF Postal Services charges a nominal handling fee per piece of mail processed to offset the cost of our metering equipment.  Many departments have leased their own meters over the years only to find that they are paying more in the long run. For example, if you are paying $2,000 per year for a meter lease, you would need to process 100,000 first class letters before you would see savings compared to what you would have paid through UCF Postal Services. Plus, we do all of the work!

Service Fee Charged Unit of Measure

Handling & Processing Outgoing Metered Mail $0.02 Per Mail Piece

Sealing Outgoing Letters $0.02 Per Mail Piece

Metered Tape on Mail Piece (Does not apply to letters/flats whereby the postage is stamped directly onto the mail piece) $0.06 Per Mail Piece

Outgoing Accountable Mail
(i.e. Certified/Return Receipt)
$0.75 Per Mail Piece

If you have any questions with regard to our fee structure, please contact us at (407) 823-2400!

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